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Cannabis has been related to a nocive substance creating addiction. In other words, nothing good could have been extracted from it.

However, we are seeing that pharmacology and fabric industry have been pointing some aspect of cannabis as positive.

Hemp is not new in the fashion industry, but it was very targetted and associated with Hippie clothing.

Since sustainable and ethical brand and fabric suppliers are trying to find alternatives cotton, hemp has been seen as a great alternative...

If you are interested to know more about it, you can reach my recent post on Instagram (see above) or direct access to read this recent article on Good On you, here.

Hemp has demonstrated its benefits on protecting from UV rays and being a versatile fabric for any season which helps to create a non-seasonal wardrobe.

How did I discover hemp? Through a recent purchase. You can read the full review here.

And here is the story. I discovered this dress while landing on Trouva platform. I don't know if you have ever heard of it, but it is a great initiative from the UK. They basically have grouped many small local shops or boutiques from Europe, and offer an online e-commerce platform to purchase directly from the shops, with a range of shipping options. The good thing is that you are supporting small businesses and in the case that you are interested in an item that is no longer available in your city (that was the case for my Thinking Mu Hemp dress, made in Barcelona but sold out here), you can search for a closer alternative in order to reduce carbon emission related to the shipment of the purchase.

They offer to collect also directly from the store free of charges. Or to collect in a UPS pick-up shop, that also reduces carbon emission.

Trouva is not dedicated to showcasing exclusively organic, sustainable and ethical shops. You will have to refine your researches, but it gives enough details to understand what you buy. Additionally, I recommend to always visit the brand's website and see what they are about. Also, you can check out the rating of any brands in Good On You app. if it doesn't show, you can suggest it.

Sometimes brands are not showing enough details about their supply chain transparency, you can always email them.

Thinking Mu has created a great data tracking for each item they produce. Together with the tag, you will find a QR code that lands to BCOME, a platform that will give you all the insights you need to know about the item you want to purchase.

I leave you with the Thinking Hemp dress tracking, and if you are interested in it and/or Trouva platform, find all the details here.

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